Roush Mustang Fan Club

Mustang Fan Club x MGP Caliper Covers

Take a look at the easy DIY installation with Jaron Cole and Mustang Fan Club.

Mustang Fan Club gets Custom Caliper Covers for ROUSH Mustang with Brembos!

We took notice of the instagram profile @mustangfanclub with their 450K followers so we reached out to photographer Jaron Cole to see if we could partner up with him! Initially he was hesitant about doing anything else to his all ready perfect car but once he received the product in hand and felt the quality he decided to put them on and feel in love with them. A lot of people don’t want to cover up there expensive Brembos since it has a status symbol but if you don’t want to paint your Brembos then you are stuck with the design they came with. The was a partnership in heaven for us since he is a professional photographer and shoots a lot of content for Roush. We received some of the best photos we have ever seen from Jaron and a looking at more projects in the future! Take a look at the easy DIY installation video and additional photos he took!

Mustang Fan Club Brembo
Mustang Fan Club Caliper Covers
Mustang Fan Club
Mustang Fan Club Caliper Covers Detail
Mustang Fan Club Front View


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