MGP Caliper Covers FAQs


No, the manufacturing time of 5 business days (for out of stock items) or 10 business days (for custom orders) will remain the same.

United States:
We offer Free 2 day shipping within the United States.

Please note: this does not include the manufacturing time for custom orders and orders not in stock. 

International Shipping:

You can check the shipping cost once you add a product to your shopping cart. Just select your country, then enter your zip code, and then click on the Estimate link. A list of the shipping methods available and associated costs will be displayed.

MGP Caliper Covers is located in the United States. Customers are responsible for any duties/fees that need to be paid to acquire the package for their country.

If a customer refuses to pay the duties/fees and the item is shipped back to MGP, the refund, if applicable, will be deducted any shipping fees accrued both ways, plus a restocking fee of $25.

If the order is a custom order, it is not eligible for a refund.


Our default color is Silver. However, we offer over 10 different paint fill colors to choose from that can be found directly in our Customizer. 

Can I choose a custom color for the paint fill? 
Unfortunately, we do not allow custom paint fill colors. The colors we have listed on the website under “Engraving Color” and “Bolts Color” are the only colors we have in stock.

*Colors may be added/removed based on availability. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 63


We do offer several options for Purple. 

1. Plum Crazy is our most popular shade of purple which you can find under the Premium tab in our customizer. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 64

2. RAL color options. (Just enter the RAL as the paint name and the number as the paint code in the customizer)

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 65


Check out and filter by “Color Family”. Select Maroon and Red. There are a few other shades of purple to choose from as well. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 66

Once you find a color you like, copy an paste the highlighted fields into our customizer. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 67

Absolutely! A huge part of our business is customizing our caliper covers to match any style. First choose your vehicle in the year / make / model selector, hit shop now and then click on the Customize button. You can choose from the hundreds of engravings we have available, add your own text or upload your own logo or artwork.

Add your own text – choose from 8 different font types

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 72

Upload artwork – We recommend uploading a .png file with a transparent background for best results. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 73

Please note this will be a custom order and cannot be exchanged or returned since they are made to order. We encourage you to verify your fitment with customer service prior to placing your order. Custom orders can take up to 12 business days to manufacture before shipping. 

The color represented in our online mock up is only a depiction of the actual finished product. OEM paint codes cannot be replicated in mock-ups. This mock-up is intended for the sole purpose of displaying your desired custom engraving.

Yes, we have two options for no engraving covers. You can order our red Classic covers as a standard product. 

You can also place a custom order without an engraving (we call them “plain jane covers”) in our customizer. Once you select your vehicle in the year / make / model selector, hit shop now and then click on the Customize button.

1. Select your finish color

2. Add / Remove Bolts – Choose no bolts

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 74

3. Engraving – Select None

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 75

Please note this will be a custom order and cannot be exchanged or returned since they are made to order. We encourage you to verify your fitment with customer service prior to placing your order. The current lead time for custom orders is about 10 business days to manufacture. 

The bolts across the top of the caliper covers are engraved as part of the design and not actual bolts. Yes, you can order the caliper covers without the bolt design. Once you select your vehicle in the year / make / model selector, hit shop now and then click on the Customize button. In our customizer, you have the option to remove the bolt design in Step 3 – Add or Remove Bolts

If you choose to remove the bolt design, we do make the logo/design larger.

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 76

Please note this will be a custom order and cannot be exchanged or returned since they are made to order. We encourage you to verify your fitment with customer service prior to placing your order.

Here’s a close up of the bolt design that is engraved into the caliper covers. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 77

About MGP Caliper Covers

Password Reset

If you created a new account after June 29th, 2021 or you’re a MGP authorized dealer, you can reset your password by entering your username or email address and the link below:

If you are trying to do a password reset and you receive an error stating “your username and email is invalid“, please create a new account.  MGP recently upgraded to a newer website on June 29th and previous account information was not transferred over. 

If you need to check status of an order prior to June 29th, please submit a ticket to Customer Service and we will give you an update on your order.

To unsubscribe from our SMS / Text Message list, simply reply “STOP” and you’ll also be unsubscribed from receiving any additional text messages.

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 78

No, installing caliper covers will not void your manufacturer’s factory warranty. We work directly with the manufacturers on the development of the caliper covers to ensure safety and durability. MGP Caliper Covers can be removed just as easy as it is to install.

No, we designed the caliper covers to make the installation quick and easy. We provide stainless-steel clips that will clip directly onto your calipers. With the basic tools, you can install MGP caliper covers within an hour. The hardest part is removing the wheels! Check out our installation video and guide.

No, unfortunately we provide a minimum wheel size to ensure there’s enough clearance for the caliper covers. Anything smaller than the minimum wheel size listed, will not have enough clearance and the covers will rub against the rims.

Our Caliper Covers require 3mm of clearance (about two stacked quarters) between your stock brake calipers and factory wheels. 

If you do no meet the minimum wheel size (noted on every product page), we do not recommend purchasing caliper covers. 

For example, The Dodge Charger and Challenger require 18″ wheels or larger. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 79

We specifically designed our Caliper Covers to work with most OEM wheels. While most aftermarket wheels do provide additional clearance, we highly recommend that you confirm spacing before placing your order. Our Caliper Covers only require 3mm of clearance (about two stacked quarters) between your stock brake calipers and factory wheels.

MGP provides the minimum wheel size in the fitment table located at the bottom of every product page. Please verify if your wheels meet or exceeds the minimum wheel requirement.


To check your wheel size, the last 2 digits will indicate your wheel size. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 80

No, we designed the Caliper Covers to dissipate brake heat. Our specially engineered covers divert heat away from your brakes and out through the top of your factory calipers. We hold our production standards to an OEM level to ensure safety and durability. Check out this video on our MGP Caliper Covers Heat Test.

Yes. As easily as our products are to install, they are equally simple to remove when it comes time for brake service or maintenance.

We are very confident in our product and guarantee for 3 years that the finish will withstand any heat and corrosion that may occur.

To view our 3 year warranty, please click here.

MGP Caliper Covers are made with Aerospace Grade Aluminum (not with a plastic material). The bolt design across the top and logos/design are engraved, so they never scratch off. Each set of caliper covers include stainless steel clips that fasten directly to your caliper brackets making it quick and easy to install.


Below you will see two links to videos showing our installation of set # 12204/42020 on Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee trucks. 

Along with the video links you will find a PDF attachment on this e mail showing a detailed step by step installation of the front clip. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, thank you!

Front install

Rear Install



Clip SN40 is designed to snap into position on your vehicle, the clip is designed to be smaller than the casting of the factory caliper for a snug fit.

* The first step is to engage the bottom clip leg on the casting of the carrier bracket on the side closest to the rotor.

* Rotate the clip towards the top of the caliper and push into position or until the clip clicks into place

* The design of the clip may require a bit more than just a hand push, using a rubber mallet to tap it into position may be necessary

Below you will see images of this exact installation for your review, showing the correct spot and angle the clip needs to be mounted on.

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 81 MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 82 MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 83 MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 84

A minimum wheel size requirement is set for every vehicle, clearance issues with aftermarket or factory wheels are rare, but every wheel design is different. 

If you have questions about the wheel clearance on your vehicle, we advise that you check the space in two specific spots before ordering using the guide below. 

Spot # 1: Space between the outboard face of the caliper and the spoke of the wheel should be at least 1/8″ 

Spot # 2: Space between the top of the caliper and the wheel dish should be at least 1/2″

The image below points the two spots mentioned above.

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 85

Below you will find a generic picture showing an adjustment made to all of our installation clips to obtain clearance with the rotor. 

Step 1:  With the clips off of the caliper, press down with the use of a bench vise or vise grips to reduce the gap on the clip. 

Step 2:  Re insert and check clearance

* IF you find that the clips are not clearing the rotor after the first attempt, repeat Step 1 until clearance is obtained and the clip is no longer rubbing on the rotor

* The stainless steel clips will not snap or break by performing this adjustment. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 86

We have a live tech available between Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm PST. Please contact us at 877-995-0003 option 2 or send us a message on Live Chat. If you are unable to reach our tech on the phone, please fill out the contact us form and provide a detailed description and photos of the issue you are having.

Off hours and weekends, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 – 48 business hours.

If your vehicle is not listed, please fill out our Vehicle Request Form. We will notify you via e-mail when we release a product for your car.

If you are in the San Diego, CA area and would like to bring your vehicle in for development, please notate that on the Vehicle Request Form or contact us.

Order Status / Changes

Orders must be cancelled within 24 hours. If your order has already been shipped, you cannot cancel the order. You must then request an RMA # to return the set. For more information on our return policy, please click here. Custom orders (which includes bolts only, no engraving, special engraving, custom paint and paint fill options) cannot be cancelled since they are made to order.

To cancel an order please fill out the contact us form and provide your order number. We will email you back with confirmation that it was cancelled or reply back with any questions. 

You must create an account before or during check out to see your order history. If you create an account after you have placed your order, we are unable to associate your order to your online account. However, we are glad to provide your order status if you contact us or by sending us a message on Live Chat.

Orders that are in stock will ship by the next business day. If your order is not in stock, it will ship within five (5) business days. Custom orders (No engraving, bolts only, special engravings, special finish colors) will usually ship within 10 business days. 

Please refer to the 2nd email confirmation we sent you which states the ESD (estimated ship date). If it has not passed your estimated ship date, then your order is still in production and we will send you an email with the tracking number once it does ship. 

***APRIL 2021 UPDATE*** 

Unfortunately, due to the high demand of orders in process, all orders are delayed about a week PAST the estimated ship date. We apologize for the inconvenience. The team is working hard to get orders out. If you still have not received an email with the tracking number A WEEK AFTER YOUR ESTIMATED SHIP DATE, please fill out the contact us form and we will look into your order and get back to you as soon as we can.

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 87

Orders are shipped via Fedex 2 day air, only once they are done in manufacturing. 

Please fill out the contact form or message us on Live Chat below and provide your order number. 

If you meet the 2 guidelines below, then please proceed with requesting an Exchange through our contact us form.

  • Any Exchange (excluding custom covers) must be requested within 30 days of the ship date.
  • Exchanges shall be in new or uninstalled condition, with original packaging and contents. The original order will be inspected prior to shipment of the exchange order.
    • Customer is responsible for shipping of original order back to MGP.

At MGP Caliper Covers we take pride in our products and their fitments and strive to ensure every customer gets the correct part every single time. If a return or exchange is needed, we want to make it as fast and easy as possible.

NOTE: This return policy only applies to orders placed directly with us, MGP Caliper Covers.  Please allow

1-2 weeks for processing.  If you ordered through Amazon, eBay or a 3rd party vendor, you MUST contact them to process your return.


If you are considering a return for fitment issues, please submit a request (top right) and select “I need help with installation” to see if the problem can be solved prior to requesting a RMA number. Provide a detailed message on the issue you are having. If you can, please also include pictures. MGP provides technical support Monday through Friday between 8AM and 4PM PST.


MGP Caliper Covers guarantees fitment of our caliper covers, however customers must select the appropriate year / make / model / sub-model and 5th question (if applicable) of their vehicle and confirm that they meet all vehicle requirements.

In addition, installation must be performed in adherence to the included installation instructions.

NOTE: When aftermarket wheels are involved, we require a minimum of 3mm clearance between the brake caliper and the inside face of the wheel. (Between where the front of the caliper meets the inside of the wheel as well as the top inside of the wheel above the caliper)


If you meet the 2 guidelines below, then please proceed with requesting an RMA # through our contact us form.

  • Caliper Covers (excluding custom covers) can only be returned within 30 days of the ship date
  • Returns shall be in new or uninstalled condition, with original packaging and contents. Returns will be inspected before a credit is issued.

NOTE: MGP Caliper Covers will not compensate for damages resulting from product installation or use and will not reimburse labor or installation fees.

We are unable to accept any returns if you placed your order through Amazon. All returns need to be handled by Amazon. Please sign in to your Amazon account, go to Your Account, then click on Your Orders. Once you locate your caliper covers order, click on the Return items button on the right and Amazon will provide instructions on how to return your order back to the Amazon seller you purchased from.

Replacement Parts

The .013 feeler gauge (or .013 paper strip) is needed to check clearance between the clips and the brake rotor. A gap of at least .013 inch (.32 mm) is recommended (enough to slide the paper strip in and out without sticking). Once clearance is confirmed, you can re-install wheel and tighten lugnuts per manufacturer’s specifcation.

If the paper feeler gauge is missing you can cut of a strip from one of the installation instruction cards that you received. That can be used as the feeler gauge and it will allow you to check for clearance.

Yes, we can make replacement covers in sets of two. To place an order, please fill out the contact form with all the necessary information.

  • Part number of your caliper covers
  • Specify if you need the front or rear covers
  • The finish color, engraving and whether it has bolts or not bolts

Cost for replacement covers:

Two (2) MGP (Red, Yellow, Black or Matte Black) Covers$147
Two (2) Licensed (Red, Yellow, Black or Matte Black) Covers$162
Custom orders (special engraving, custom paint)Varies

Unfortunately, we cannot take orders for a single replacement cover. 

Yes, we recommend Rust-Oleum Professional Safety Red Gloss Oil-based Enamel Interior/Exterior Paint to touch up the Red Powder Coat. This can be found at Lowe’s for about $9.

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 88

Yes, to order replacement clips, please select your vehicle and then click on “select options”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Clips

Please be sure to select your specific vehicle and confirm it matches the part number of your caliper covers. 

In the example below, the part number is 20224S and the associated clips for the 2021 Honda Accord are: CA07 (front clips) & SA09 (rear clips). 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 89MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 90

Replacement clips are:

  • $20 for front cover clips
  • $20 for rear cover clips
  • $40 for front & rear cover clips

Free lifetime clip replacement will be honored for retail customers who purchase on MGP’s direct website with proof of purchase. Please fill out the contact form and provide the following details below. We will email you an order confirmation or call you with any questions. 

There will be a $5 shipping fee for all clip orders/replacements 

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Billing / Shipping Address
  • Part Number of your caliper covers 
  • Specify if you need front or rear clip


To place an order paying with Affirm, just add your product to the cart and select “AFFIRM” at check out. 

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 91

Please provide the necessary information. If you are approved you will see a screen similar to this. Select how many money you would like to pay your loan by.

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 92

After you Confirm the loan with Affirm, you will be redirected back to the MGP Caliper Covers website and you will need to confirm the order again on the MGP website

MGP Caliper Covers FAQs 93