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MGP Caliper Covers offer a wide range of customization options, including different colors, logos, and even custom text. This allows car owners to personalize their vehicles to a high degree, matching the caliper covers to the car’s overall aesthetic or to the owner’s personal preferences. The visual enhancement is one of the primary reasons buyers opt for these covers.

UV Laser Imbedded Technology for complete customization of any image from your phone, artwork or you own custom logo and designs.

MGP Caliper Covers are designed not only for aesthetics but also to serve a functional purpose. They help with heat dissipation, allowing the brake calipers to cool more efficiently. This can potentially improve the braking performance by reducing the likelihood of brake fade during extended use.

The brake caliper cover helps the reduction of brake dust by up to 30% depending on the vehicle. Spend less time cleaning your wheels and more time doing burn outs.

The powder coat finish on these aero-space grade aluminum brake caliper covers is designed to resist corrosion, ensuring durability & long-lasting aesthetics.

MGP Caliper Covers are designed for a straightforward DIY installation process. This can take up to a minute to install per each wheel with no need for special tools. Typically, MGP utilizes a snap clip-on system for most vehicles with just a 3/8ths wrench.

MGP ensure their caliper covers are custom designed for specific vehicle models to ensure a perfect fit. This is important not only for the aesthetics but also to make sure there’s no interference with the brake system’s functionality. These caliper covers have been OEM tested & approved.

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Learn the ins and outs of installing our claiper covers with our various step-by-step videos and tutorials, ensuring a sleek and stylish upgrade to your vehicle’s appearance.