Wholesale Distribution and Dealers

Looking for ways to boost sales by making your vehicles stand out? Are you tired of painting your customers’ calipers?

MGP Caliper Covers is the perfect aftermarket car accessory that will help boost sales and get your customers talking! We will provide everything you need to start selling MGP Caliper Covers from rotor displays, fitment data, brochures and even product images!

Acura Caliper Cover Rotor Display

Dealer Benefits

special dealer pricing

Silver and Gold pricing levels based on sales volume. No minimum buy in to qualify for the Silver pricing level.

Access to the Dealer Website

Place orders 24/7 with ease on our website. No need to contact customer service to place your order.


Check the MGP Inventory directly from the dealer website. Orders in stock ship same day (if placed before 1pm PST).


Purchase a rotor display to help market MGP Caliper Covers by having a constant visual for your customers.

Custom Caliper Covers

Easily order custom brake covers to suit your customers’ needs. Choose from our standard colors (red, yellow or black), from any of our popular custom colors or get covers paint matched to the customer’s vehicle. Engraving options are endless – choose from our Licensed engravings, our MGP approved engravings or upload your own logo. We now offer a L.I.T (laser imbedded technology) option with the ability to offer more complex and unique designs completely tailored to the customer’s request. Provide real time mockups so your customer can approve and visualize the design before they order.

Wholesale MGP Caliper Covers

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