MGP Origin

Origin, The Product and Evolution

Origin, The Product and Evolution


MGP Caliper Covers was born in the United States and has been based in San Diego, California for the life of the company with all Sales, Customer Service, Design, Development, Manufacturing and Warehouse all under one roof for efficiency. This has absolutely become a dream come true for owner Mike Barland as keeping his company as whole within the US was a large part of his goal. From manufacturing to distributing to vendors to the customer, we are proud to say that it starts and finishes in the USA.

Despite the extensive research, development, testing and technology involved in creating MGP caliper covers, it all truly started as a thought in owner Mike Barland’s head as he was enjoying a beer while admiring the awesome new rims he had just installed on his truck. That thought was, “what can I do about these dirty, ugly calipers? How can I cover them up and make them look amazing just like my new rims?”

Dirty rusty Calipers

That exact moment right here in San Diego, California over 8 years ago is how MGP Caliper Covers was conceived. Since then, rigorous manufacturing development has taken place to create a product that is innovative, easy to install, customizable and most of all, safe for our customers.


A monumental challenge in developing MGP Caliper Covers was ensuring a “form-fitting product that meets factory wheel clearances, fastens securely and is easy to install” which required some intense technical and even scientific thinking. Perfecting the precise, yet easy install fitment was a four-year adventure that resulted in vehicle-specific clips along with an extremely unique, one of a kind, patented fastening system that is versatile and fits across thousands of modern day vehicle platforms.


In the words of owner and engineer Mike Barland, “MGP Caliper Covers have been engineered and developed to standards far above and beyond the normal every day automotive bolt-on modification. We utilize aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel, precision CNC machining, hydraulic forming, and TIG welding. Rarely will you see another aftermarket product be tested for safety and quality as frequently as our Caliper Covers.”

We put these MGP Caliper Covers to the test! After spending so much time working on perfecting our product, we knew it could not be truly perfect unless it was put through the ringer.

  • Heat Soak Testing
  • Track Testing (on-road)
  • Track Testing (off-road)
  • Long-term Road Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • And much more!

MGP Caliper Covers are made of aerospace grade aluminum which is a lightweight material that absorbs a portion of the heat from the brake calipers and allows them to stay cooler even during hard braking. They also protect brake calipers  from dust and redirects it to the backside of the wheel which in turn reduces the amount of dust on the front of the wheel.

Not to mention they look a thousand times better than dirty calipers, are extremely easy to install, come in multiple colors, offer multiple engravings, can be fully customized and even come with a 3-year warranty!

Check out this MGP Caliper Cover Field Heat Test and Install videos and let us know your thoughts!


When it is all said and done, MGP Caliper Covers have grown into a well-known business that supplies distributors, vendors and customers with a high quality product that is unmatched by anything “competitors” attempt to create.
Our product, company and way of running an American business speaks for itself and we will never stop trying to make MGP Caliper Covers the best it can be for our fans and customers.



Continued all manufacturing, distributing and base in the USA

-Won multiple awards for innovative automotive product

-Added multiple licenses of major auto makers including:

  • Ford and Lincoln
  • GM, Cadillac, Buick, Corvette, GMC and Chevrolet
  • Honda and Acura
  • Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Mopar
  • Shelby, West Coast Customs and Weld Racing Wheels
  • And More!

-Increased engraving options to all the licensed engravings and now offer any custom engraving of your choice whether it is a logo or custom text.

-Increased paint options from just red, to 4 standard colors, multiple upgraded powder coats and now any custom automotive paint options as well as VIN paint match.

-Incredible customer service available via phone, email and live chat on our website.

-A fitment and installation specialist on staff and available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm and soon to be available on weekends as well.

-Supported multiple charities and military events in support of our amazing country and the awesome people in the USA.

-Started in a garage and evolved into a multimillion-dollar business and are now one of the few manufacturing companies that continue to design, develop, manufacture and warehouse product in the USA.

And there is so much more to come from MGP Caliper Covers! We are always working hard to improve our product and make it better for our customers.

Andrew Campbell FB Caliper Covers


  • Cost effective
  • Fully customizable: any color, any engraving, personalized for you
  • Easy and fast installation
  • 3 year warranty
  • Licensed by Ford, GM, Honda, Mopar and more
  • Easy installation with one of a kind patented fastening system
  • Extremely durable
  • High quality, made with aerospace grade aluminum that reduces caliper heat
  • Product tested for safety to the highest standards
  • Absolutely does not hinder or block air flow to the caliper itself
  • Prevents hot brake dust from corroding your wheels
  • Elite customer service and fitment specialist ready to help you Monday-Friday
  • A brand you can trust that supports charities, the military and the USA
  • Makes your wheels pop and simply looks great on all vehicles (even mini vans!)
  • And much more!


The origin, story and evolution of MGP Caliper Covers is a long journey to greatness, but in truth we are just scratching the surface of where we hope to be. With new technology available, we are already working on producing a new form of MGP Caliper Covers for the future that will make our product even better for many years. Be on the lookout for big things to come from MGP Caliper Covers as we continue to evolve as a product and as a company.

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