Create Your Own Caliper Covers

How to order custom caliper covers

Make it your own in 3 easy steps! 1. Choose a Finish Color 2. Select an Engraving 3. Add/Remove Bolts


MGP Caliper Covers has come a long way over the years from starting in a garage to running a large manufacturing program that now pushes out thousands of sets per month right here in the USA. It began with a handful of part numbers and standard sets with just the “MGP” engraving and then jumped as we set up official licenses with Ford, GM, Honda and others. Now we are proud to offer fully customized solutions for our awesome customers when they purchase through our website or call us directly.  

Not only do we now offer custom caliper covers, but customers that purchase on our website directly at will receive FREE lifetime clip replacement to go along with the 3-year warranty. None of our distributors, vendors or our competitors offer lifetime clip replacement and we are excited to continue taking care of our customers well into the future!


There are so many options for your custom set of caliper covers including custom paint using a paint name/code or even custom paint match to your vehicle using your VIN to guarantee a perfect match.

We also have the standard colors of red, yellow, and black along with optional powder coats: matte black, white, blue, green, silver, orange and even pink!

If that is not enough options for you, we also offer carbon fiber for the finish which is popular and has been selling well since we added it to the list of options.


Not only do we offer completely custom paint options, but we also now have hundreds of new engravings to choose from on our website based on your vehicle.

We are officially licensed with Ford, GM, Honda, Acura, Mopar, Shelby and more so we have all the licensed engravings for makes, models and sub-models and stay up to date with the new logos each year.

On top of the licensed engravings, we also have a growing amount of MGP-Approved engravings to choose from with military engravings, Batman, Transformers, Stormtrooper and more! We continue to add to this list every month and are excited to continue providing more and more options for our customers.

If you cannot find what you want for the engraving on our site, you now have the option to upload an image or logo you would like engraved and we will make it happen for you. This is the ultimate custom engraving as our engineer will need to create, program and machine it from scratch. From time to time we get one that is a bit too detailed for our machines, but for the most part we can recreate whatever is uploaded or adjust it a bit to make it work.


Now that we have laid out all the options for your new set of custom caliper covers, it is only fair that we create a step by step guide to ordering custom caliper covers.

First things first. Our caliper covers are vehicle specific, meaning the covers are designed for each caliper type to ensure precise fitment. So be sure to select your exact vehicle in vehicle selector or the shop page. 


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