Many of today’s Tesla owners could easily be classified as enthusiastic, early adopters of emerging car tech. They love everything about them: the unique styling, the cutting-edge tech and hardware integration, even the notoriety of founder Elon Musk. As trust in the company and its core features grows (we’re looking at you, Autopilot), we expect the cars to only grow in popularity. Incredible stories like this one in which Tesla Autopilot saved 8 from being crushed are becoming more common and Autopilot is performing more and more like a human driver with fewer accidents per road mile than drivers without autopilot. Now more than ever, there are plenty of good reasons to get a Tesla. 

 We also know that styling matters a lot to a majority of consumers and, needless to say, not everybody wants a Cybertruck. The Model 3 has been a best seller and we can understand why: it’s approachable while still being so obviously Tesla and has a growing number of vendors for aftermarket parts and mods.

 With that, we are proud to present our list of favorite Tesla Model 3 mods:

The Best Tesla Model 3 Mods of 2020

Wind Reduction Kit $15