Fitment questions and concerns

Will The Caliper Covers Fit My Vehicle?

Our Caliper Covers are made to certain specifications that are unique to each year, make and model of every vehicle. 

We specifically designed our Caliper Covers to work with most OEM wheels. While most aftermarket wheels do provide additional clearance, we highly recommend that you confirm spacing before placing your order. Our Caliper Covers only require 3mm of clearance (about two stacked quarters) between your stock brake calipers and factory wheels.

Can I Get Custom Covers Made To Fit My Wheels?

No, unfortunately we provide a minimum wheel size to ensure there’s enough clearance for the caliper covers. Anything smaller than the minimum wheel size listed, will not have enough clearance and the covers will rub against the rims.

Our Caliper Covers require 3mm of clearance (about two stacked quarters) between your stock brake calipers and factory wheels. 

If you do no meet the minimum wheel size (noted on every product page), we do not recommend purchasing caliper covers. 

Please refer to our FAQ page for a example of wheel specifications in relation to the vehicle 

Do My Wheels Provide Enough Space?

A minimum wheel size requirement is set for every vehicle, clearance issues with aftermarket or factory wheels are rare, but every wheel design is different. 

If you have questions about the wheel clearance on your vehicle, we advise that you check the space in two specific spots before ordering using the guide below. 

Spot # 1: Space between the outboard face of the caliper and the spoke of the wheel should be at least 1/8″ 

Spot # 2: Space between the top of the caliper and the wheel dish should be at least 1/2″

The image to the right points to the two spots mentioned above.

If you are still unsure or have more specific questions, please contact our live tech support.

Customer Service: Friday, 8am – 4:30pm PST, 1-877-995-0003, Option #1

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How To Find Your Wheel Size

MGP provides the minimum wheel size in the fitment table located at the bottom of every product page. Please verify if your wheels meet or exceeds the minimum wheel requirement.

To check your wheel size, the last 2 digits will indicate your wheel size. 

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