Hydro Dip Concepts of San Diego, CA

Do you want a more customized Caliper Cover? MGP Caliper Covers has partnered with, Ricardo Muro CEO of Hyrdo Dip Concepts of San Diego, CA. HE has proven to have the highest quality of work done that we have seen in the market. If you would like to use his services, the process is simple:


1.       Order a set of engraved or not engraved caliper covers in Bengal White paint. Make sure you check off no shipping and will pick up at office.

2.     After you order please contact him at 6195868701 or DM his at @hyrdodipconcepts to pick what design you will want. You will have to pay him directly for his services.

3.     Once your product is done at MGP you will be notified it is at will call for him to come pick up. 

4.     Once it has left our offices it will no longer be our responsibility.

hydro-dip-concepts 5
hydro-dip-concepts 6

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Hydro Dip Customs of San Diego, CA