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Customization Options


Our Caliper Covers are fully customizable to match your unique vision and creativity. The customization options range from custom colors to custom images, engravings, as well as our L.I.T technology. 

For more into regarding L.I.T customizations, click here

Check out our YouTube video to learn more about how to customize your covers.

Paint Fill/Engraving Colors

Our default color is Silver. However, we offer over 10 different paint fill colors to choose from that can be found directly in our Customizer.

Can I choose a custom color for the paint fill?
Unfortunately, we do not allow custom paint fill colors. The colors we have listed on the website under “Engraving Color” and “Bolts Color” are the only colors we have in stock.

*Colors may be added/removed based on availability.

If you choose to upload an image instead of selecting an engraving, we have more paint fill options on our L.I.T machine. 

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How To Custom Match Your Vehicle Color

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We can match any factory OEM automotive color if you provide the VIN number, paint name and color code. We can also do any automotive paint color. First select your vehicle in the year / make / model selector, hit shop now and then click on the Customize button.

Paint Match To Your Vehicle

Click on the Custom Color tab under step 1. Select Finish Color and select Paint Name

Type in the paint name and paint code specified by your VIN.

Make sure to add your VIN # at checkout. 

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If you would like to choose a custom automotive color, please go to We will need the paint name (highlighted in yellow) and the manufacturer code (boxed in red).

For a more information please visit our FAQ page for more customization options and instructions 

If you need assistance with the customizer, please contact our customer service team, we are happy to help. 

Customer Service: Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM PST, 1-877-995-0003, Option #2

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