Safety Is Our Priority!

Years of Designing And Testing

Here at MGP, we have done extensive testing and trials to ensure your covers will not interfere with your vehicle. We have carefully designed custom covers to the exact measurements of each vehicle’s calipers, creating a snug and secure fit. Caliper covers are safe if they are installed properly and do not interfere with the function of the brake calipers. However, it is important to note that caliper covers are purely cosmetic and do not provide any additional performance or safety benefits to your brakes.



Each set comes with a specific set of clips and installation hardware crafted for each individual cover. Once the covers have been installed, the clips attach to both the cover and your caliper then are tightened with durable steel bolts. When the covers have been installed correctly, they do not move, even when your vehicle hits high speeds. 

In some cases, improperly installed caliper covers can cause issues such as overheating of the brakes or interference with the brake system’s ability to dissipate heat, which could potentially lead to brake failure. In order to prevent this from happening, we make sure to provide our customers with adequate installation instructions with videos and images showing the exact installation process. While the install is easy, it us important carefully follow the steps. 


Do They Trap Heat?

Our covers do not come into direct contact with the vehicles calipers. They sit on top of the caliper with some space in between, allowing airflow in order to prevent any overheating. Although there is some space, when installed correctly the covers are still relatively flush with the calipers, therefore there are no issues with the covers possibly touching the rims. We designed the Caliper Covers to dissipate brake heat. Our specially engineered covers divert heat away from your brakes and out through the top of your factory calipers. We hold our production standards to an OEM level to ensure safety and durability.

Although our covers can be easily installed at home, there is always the option to have them professionally installed. If you are considering adding caliper covers to your vehicle, it is important to consult with a qualified mechanic or brake specialist to ensure that the covers are compatible with your vehicle’s braking system and are installed correctly. It is also important to choose high-quality caliper covers such as ours that are specifically designed for your vehicle to ensure proper fit and function.


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