Licensing partner Programs

Licensing partner Programs

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MGP Caliper Covers are the ONLY licensed brake covers in the market. This ensures that our product is thoroughly tested for safety & durability in order to meet the standards of major car manufacturers. 

We are officially Licensed by Ford, GM, MOPAR, Acura, Honda, Ram, Shelby & Jeep
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Getting a Licensing Agreement with an Automotive Manufacturer


Getting a Licensing Agreement with an Automotive Manufacturer

Navigating the world of licensing agreements can be a complex endeavor. When aiming to secure a deal with an automotive manufacturer, there are specific steps and considerations to be mindful of. Here’s a concise guide to help you through the process:

Navigating the world of licensing agreements can be a complex endeavor. When aiming to secure a deal with an automotive manufacturer, there are specific steps and considerations to be mindful of. Here’s a guide to help you through the process:

1. Research and Identify Opportunities:

Know Your Value: Before approaching any automotive manufacturer, ensure you have a clear understanding of what value your product or service offers.

Market Analysis: Determine which manufacturers might benefit most from your product. Research their current partnerships, products, and market trajectory.

2. Preparation:

Create a Portfolio: Showcase previous partnerships, testimonials, and product specifications.

Protect Your Intellectual Property: Ensure your product or innovation is patented or protected appropriately.

Preliminary Pitch: Craft a succinct and compelling pitch. Remember, first impressions matter.

3. Engage:

Identify the Right Contact: In large automotive companies, there are specific departments or individuals responsible for licensing and partnerships.

Networking: Attend automotive industry events, trade shows, and conferences to make connections.

4. Negotiate:

Know Your Worth: Don’t undersell your product or innovation. However, be ready to provide incentives or flexible terms to make the partnership appealing.

Legal Counsel: Always have legal representation when negotiating terms. They can help ensure your interests are protected.

5. Seal the Deal:

Contracts: Make sure all terms, expectations, and responsibilities are laid out clearly in a written agreement.

Build Relationships: A licensing agreement isn’t just a business transaction. It’s a partnership and carries with it a responsibility to enhance the brand, foster a good relationship with your licensee for long-term success.

6. Post-Agreement:

Maintain Quality: Ensure that your product remains consistent in quality. This not only protects your reputation but also maintains the integrity of the licensing agreement.

Stay Engaged: Regularly check in with your manufacturer partner, ensuring open lines of communication.

7. Review and Renew:

Performance Metrics: Periodically assess the partnership’s performance to determine if it’s meeting your objectives.

Negotiate Renewals: If the partnership proves fruitful, consider negotiating an extension or expansion of the agreement.


Securing a licensing agreement with an automotive manufacturer requires preparation, persistence, and a clear understanding of your product’s value proposition. While the process can be intricate, the potential benefits in terms of revenue, brand exposure, and industry partnerships can be substantial.

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