L.I.T Laser Imbedded technology

L.I.T Laser Imbedded technology

At MGP Caliper Covers we are launching our Laser Imbedded Technology program that gives our customers the opportunity to fully customize their caliper covers. Whether it’s your name, pet or favorite sports team, we have it all!

How It Works

Interested in laser imbedded technology? Great – read on and discover why laser is your go-to for engraving.

Laser imbedded technology consists of printing on metal, typically using a process called laser UV engraving. This process uses a laser beam to create a high quality color cured design on the metal surface.

The laser beam is typically generated by a high-powered system that produces a concentrated beam of UV light, instantly curing the color pattern embedded into the substrate. The metal surface absorbs the energy from the beam and heats up creating a permanent bond of the printed image.

The laser imbedded technology can be controlled to vary the intensity, speed, color and pattern of the beam to create a wide range of designs and markings.

Overall, laser imbedded technology printing on metal is a precise and efficient way to create permanent markings and designs, making it a perfect choice custom artwork on a wide range of industrial, commercial, and artistic applications.

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Our New Logo

As you may have noticed, we’ve unveiled a new logo for MGP. It demonstrates how MGP Caliper Covers act as shields for your brakes, while the red, white, and blue show our pride in manufacturing here in the USA.


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