Mercedes-Benz / E500 / 2006 / Base

IMPORTANT: Additional information is needed to determine which covers will fit your vehicle. Please choose the appropriate option.


The vehicle selected is available with different drivetrain configurations. You will need to determine the drivetrain the vehicle was equipped with from the factory. There are four types of drivetrains, and type is dependent on the manufacturer and model of the vehicle.

Drivetrain Type

  • Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
  • Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Four Wheel Drive (4WD, 4×4)


S2 Drivetrain Type

If you need assistance to determine type of drivetrain the vehicle is equipped with, please contact your local dealership and provide the VIN# to the Parts Department. They will be able to lookup the vehicle in the database and provide you with this information.