10 year MGP Anniversary Logo

10 Years of MGP Caliper Covers!

10 Years of MGP Caliper Covers!

Happy 10th Anniversary MGP!

Another amazing year in the books for MGP Caliper Covers and once again we are moving ahead full steam! With the support of our awesome customers we continue to grow significantly year after year and are now at our 10 year anniversary.

We have accomplished so much over the last 10 years that have opened up excellent windows of opportunity that made a significant impact on our business.

Here are some of the accomplishments MGP Caliper Covers achieved heading into our 10 year anniversary:

  • In 2018 we started working with some great companies that work extremely hard and love what they do with Rocky Ridge, Rough Country, Transamerican and more!
  • MGP launched its first ever retail campaign with Pep Boys and now have caliper covers in 10 of their stores in the Northeast region of the US to start and plan on expanding that dramatically heading into 2019 and beyond.
  • Discount Tire will be selling caliper covers soon and we are really excited to work with them as it is an accomplishment we have sought for years.
  • We have been on TV this year on the Velocity channel on the show Two Guys Garage and will be featured on another Velocity show called Truck U next month as well.
  • We were featured and the cover story in Spotlight on Business Magazine with a great 6-8 page story on MGP Caliper Covers.

All of these amazing accomplishments happened in 2018 and we are barely half way through the year!

We could not accomplish our goals and maintain this growth without YOU and as a special thanks we are rewarding customers who purchase directly from calipercovers.com with a couple gifts all of August 2018!


Our first gift will be FREE ground shipping for all orders placed through calipercovers.com for August 2018 which is a nice appetizer!


For the main course we are offering all our customers who purchase a set of caliper covers from calipercovers.com a redeemable Amazon gift card worth $25 for the month of August 2018! Last year for our 9 year anniversary we offered a $25 Amazon gift card to every 9th order at calipercovers.com which was great, but this year we wanted to make sure every customer who purchases on our site in August 2018 gets a reward!


10 Years MGP Caliper Covers

We offer so many options for your set of caliper covers now and you can even customize them however you want to really make them stand out behind your wheels.

  • Custom Paint and Custom Paint Match
  • Multiple Optional Powder Coats
  • Custom Engravings
  • Officially Licensed Engravings
  • Multiple Engraving Color Options

Plus, you can select one engraving for the front two caliper covers and a completely different one for the rear two caliper covers if you want. For example, you can upload your car club logo on the fronts and then select one of our licensed engravings or MGP Approved engravings for the rears.

Take advantage and celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of MGP Caliper Covers with FREE ground Shipping (within the US) and a redeemable $25 Amazon Gift Card for the month of August 2018 and show off your ride with some custom caliper covers!


***Order must be placed on www.calipercovers.com between August 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018 to be eligible***

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