Why is my vehicle not listed?

Ideally, we would have a set of Caliper Covers available for every vehicle out there. However, we put each set through rigorous testing at our R&D facility before releasing them to the public. We don’t want to have a generic product that you will have to tweak or modify to fit. We even cross match different caliper databases to verify if one set can be used in a wider array of vehicle applications.

If your vehicle is not listed, please fill out our Vehicle Request Form. We will notify you via e-mail when we release a product for your car. Also, we are always looking to expand our product line so if you are in the San Diego area and would like to volunteer your car for R&D purposes, please note that on the form.

Do you Caliper Covers trap in brake heat?

We designed the Caliper Covers to dissipate brake heat. Our specially engineered cover divert heat away from your brakes and out through the top of your factory calipers. We hold our production standards to an OEM level to ensure safety of enthusiasts such as yourself.

Do the Caliper Covers reduce brake dust?

Results will vary depending on the brake pads used, but our customers have reported that they noticed less brake dust after installing our Caliper Covers.

Will the Caliper Covers fit my wheels?

We specifically designed our Caliper Covers to work with factory specification wheels. While most aftermarket wheels do provide additional clearance, we highly recommend that you confirm spacing before placing your order. Our Caliper Covers only require 3mm of clearance between your stock brake calipers and factory wheels so if you can slide two stacked quarters in that space, you’re good to go.

Does the paint hold up against brake heat?

We are very confident in our product and guarantee that the finish will withstand any heat and corrosion that may occur.

Are the Calipers removable for brake service?

Yes. As easily as our products are to install, they are equally simple to remove when it comes time for brake service or maintenance.

Are custom engravings available?

Absolutely! A huge part of our business is customizing our products for enthusiasts. There’s a customizing option on our website after you go through the vehicle selection process. We have different choices for you to select from or you can upload your own file if you want to get really creative. Customized Caliper Covers make for great gifts as well.

Can I order Caliper Covers in factory colors?

Of course. We are able to match any factory OEM color if you provide the color code. If you cannot find the color code or uncertain of what color you would like, please check out www.paintscratch.com for some ideas.

When will my order be shipped?

Once your order is placed, we ship standard items within five (5) business days in most cases. Anything that has a special request or is custom made will usually ship within 10 business days. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your order is place and then another one after it has been shipped out to you.

Are they difficult to install?

We designed our Caliper Covers with ease of installation as a priority so it’s very simple. Any DIYer can complete the install in less than an hour with the proper tools. We’ve put together these helpful videos in case you need some assistance along the way.