Top 5 Jeep Upgrades


Top 5 Jeep Upgrades

Jeeps have been one of the most popular off-road vehicles since I can remember, but these days there are so many awesome Jeep upgrades that it is hard to decide where to start. One of the benefits to owning a Jeep (besides all the off-roading fun!) is that you can completely customize it to fir your needs, personality and style from top to bottom.

The focus for this post is to list upgrades that apply to all Jeep models and will help your Jeep stand out from the rest with just 5 aftermarket products. There is a nice mix of performance with aesthetic upgrades to cover the bases and really make a difference for your Jeep.

Let’s start with the interior Jeep upgrades and work our way to the engine and exterior!

Jeep Floor Mats


Jeep floor mats may be the first item on the Jeep upgrades list, but that does not mean going cheap on these is the right choice. Investing just a little extra in your floor mats will go a long way over time especially if you consider the interior of your Jeep a second home. The cool thing with floor mats is that you can customize them to match your Jeep with different colors, styles and even logos with certain brands.

Whether you want a rugged look or something to be similar to the paint of your car, there are plenty of options to choose from. Most floor mats are designed for the exact fit of your Jeep for the front seats, rears and the back as well making it one of the top Jeep upgrades out there.

Types of Jeep Floor Mats

  • Trail tough specially molded liners made of polyethylene that somewhat match the look of rugged tire tread patterns. They provide excellent protection and are very easy to clean.
  • Heavy duty liners made from a molded thermoplastic or even a stain resistant carpet. These are all-weather style and provide great protection while still being an easy clean job.
  • Rubber liners that are great for mud or snow because they trap the moisture.
  • Carpet mats look great, are comfortable and are stain resistant. They are not heavy duty, but will help protect from everyday use on the interior.

Jeep Seat Covers


Like floor mats, Jeep seat covers are one of the best upgrades for your Jeep, especially if you love to go off-road with no roof or doors! Not only do seat covers keep your actual seats clean long term, they also look great because there are so many options to make them match your Jeep and personality.

Jeeps come stock with really nice seats with some good protection, but if you purchase a used Jeep, seat covers are typically a must. Most Jeep owners love to have the top and doors off which exposes your seats to the sun, wind, condensation and even rain sometimes.

Types of Jeep Seat Cover Materials

  • Neoprene
  • Polyester
  • Nylon

Go a little extra on your Jeep seat covers to get ones that will last and customize them to match your Jeep so you always look great rolling in your Jeep with the top and doors off!

Jeep Air Intake System


A Jeep air intake system may not be the first Jeep upgrade you choose, but it is one that will provide some great benefits to your ride. Feeding the engine air that is clean and fresh is vital to how your Jeep will perform now and in the long run.
Replacing the stock air intake system will also increase the horsepower for your Jeep which produces increased acceleration as well. It also allows your Jeep to be more efficient with fuel because there is more air in the combustion mixture so the engine uses less fuel. Not to mention, the filters are a lot more effective than OEM ones without question.
Plus, an upgraded aftermarket Jeep air intake system simply looks better when you pop the hood!

Jeep Exhaust, Mufflers and Tips


If you really want a boost in torque and horsepower, combine a new air intake system with an upgraded exhaust, muffler and tip! You will be amazed at the difference the two will make for your Jeep when combined and will love riding in your Jeep even more.

Improve Your Jeeps

  • Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Efficiency
  • Sound!

I am sure you will be surprised at how cost-effective a new exhaust kit will be when you compare to the difference it will make for your Jeep by providing both a superior sound and engine performance.

Jeep Caliper Covers


Of course we saved the best for last on this post because as you probably already know, MGP caliper covers are the most affordable aftermarket product to transform the look of all four corners of your ride.

We are licensed with Ford, GM, Mopar, Honda and Acura

Our caliper covers are fully customizable with numerous options to personalize them to match both your Jeep and personality.

  • Choose from 23 standard to premium paints
  • Or custom paint match them to your Jeep
  • Engravings from Mopar to Jeep to your Jeep sub-model
  • Or upload a custom engraving
  • Plenty of engraving colors to choose from as well

Jeep Caliper Covers Benefits

  • Add color and distinction behind your wheels
  • Reduce brake dust significantly
  • Dissipate brake heat by up to 30 degrees
  • Specifically designed by year, make, model, sub-model for precise fitment
  • Patented fastening system for easy and secure install
  • Installs in about an hour (includes removing and putting wheels back on


Grab your set of Jeep caliper covers today and really transform the look from all corners while personalizing them to match your ride and style!

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