Best Ford Mustang Mods for Starters

Best Ford Mustang Mods for Starters

When it comes to Ford Mustang mods, it has more options than most other vehicles and with just a handful of upgrades you can transform your car completely. This blog is focused on the best initial upgrades for your Ford Mustang that are almost all bolt-on products. Whether your Mustang is brand new or a decade old, this list of Mustang mods will be a great guide to take your mustang to another level quickly.

Rather than putting them in a certain order, I decided to simply make it a guide so you can decide on your own the order you would like based on priority, budget and need.

best mustang mods for starters

Ford Mustang Caliper Covers

Since we love caliper covers and know that thousands of mustangs around the world are sporting a set it is only right that we start with them in the guide. Caliper covers are a perfect start to really impact all corners of your mustang without unloading your bank account.

There are numerous options for your Mustang Caliper Covers including engravings and colors and you can completely customize them on our website however you would like. We also have fitment for virtually any Mustang going back 25 years so we got you covered!

MGP Caliper Covers are one of (if not the) most customizable aftermarket automotive products available and come at a great price with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

MGP Caliper Covers Benefits

  • Adds color and style behind wheels
  • Reduce brake dust
  • Dissipate brake heat
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Install all 4 caliper covers in about an hour
  • Vehicle specific fitment and patented fastening system
  • Vehicle fitments going back 20 years
  • CNC machine engraved – will never scratch off
  • Add personalization to all 4 corners of your vehicle
  • Custom paint and engraving options available

best mustang mods for starters- -caliper covers

Ford Mustang Wheels

Wheels are by far the most popular upgrade for Mustangs and are complemented perfectly with MGP Caliper Covers which make these two an ideal pair of Mustang mods. Newer Mustangs come out of the box with nice factory performance wheels, but upgrading your wheels is a great way to really make your ride stand out from the pack, especially when paired with caliper covers.

There are a ton of wheel options for both daily drivers and Mustangs that go to car shows on the regular. Grab a set of new Mustang wheels and have them installed at the same time as your new caliper covers at a local Pep Boys to really transform your Mustang with just two mods!

best mustang mods for starters - upgraded wheels

Lowering Springs

Mustang lowering springs really take the stance of your Mustang to another level and add some real style to the overall appearance of your ride. Combining this with a new set of wheels and caliper covers will absolutely make your Mustang stand out from the crowd. This will add a bit of the aggressive look to your Mustang while keeping it clean.

best mustang mods for starters - lowering springs

Cold Air Intake

Want to add a bit of style to your engine while at the same time freeing up some extra horses for your Mustang? Quick mod would be a cold air intake. Upgrading your intake will allow for some additional horsepower because the new one will be wider allowing for a more efficiently flowing filter. There are multiple options when it comes to cold air intakes, but we suggest that you get a tune to ensure you get the absolute most out of your new cold air intake. Might as well right?

best mustang mods for starters - cold air intake

Mustang Short Shifter and Knob

When I owned a Mustang back in the day I had a lot of fun with it and insisted on having a manual shifter to really get the most out of my Mustang. If you are like me, then you probably want to get yourself a short shifter to turn up the fun! A short shifter reduces the distance when shifting from gear to gear because the pivot point moves upwards. Shorter distance equals faster shifts equals quicker to the point! Let’s Get It!

While you’re at it, you should consider an upgraded shifter knob since it not only looks awesome, but is one of the most cost effective Mustang mods out there. It may not increase horsepower or boost performance in any way, but it will definitely provide a nice look to the interior of your Mustang. There are tons of options to choose from with multiple colors, shapes and designs to match your ride and style.

best mustang mods for starters - short shifter and custom knob

LED Lighting

I don’t care what year and sub-model your Mustang is, LED lighting should be one of the first things on your Mustang mods list for both the interior and exterior. For the interior, it will really make your ride stand out while providing a super clean look. For the exterior, LED lighting results in a much better look than standard lighting and provides that crisp light to increase visibility on the road at night. Have some fun with this one and shine brighter than the rest!

best mustang mods for starters - LED lighting

Any Mustang mods we missed that should be on the list for starters? There sure are! Feel free to comment with any mods you think are crucial to start tranforming your Mustang and we can keep this list going.

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