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MGP Caliper Covers 9th Birthday!

MGP Caliper Covers are proud to say it is our 9th birthday this August 2017 and we are not only still here, but growing faster than ever thanks to our awesome fans!

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Ordering custom MGP caliper covers online

How to Order Custom Caliper Covers

Not only do we now offer custom caliper covers, but customers that purchase on our website at or by calling us directly for their order receive FREE lifetime clip replacement to go along with the 3-year warranty.

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AutoZone Now an Authorized Dealer for MGP Caliper Covers

AutoZone Now An Authorized Retailer

MGP Caliper Covers is proud to announce that AutoZone is now an authorized dealer and caliper covers are available for purchase at

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custom MGP caliper covers

MGP Caliper Covers: Origin, The Product and Evolution

MGP Caliper Covers have been engineered and developed to standards far above and beyond the normal every day automotive bolt-on modification.


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MGP caliper covers in Anegada

Caliper Covers Sighting in Anegada

 Our goal in 2017 was and still is to significantly increase brand awareness for caliper covers throughout the United States which has resulted in a rapid increase in caliper covers sightings

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autmotive gifts for dad this fathers day

Automotive Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

As a father, I absolutely feel that Father’s Day is one of the best holidays of the year because your family dedicates the day to you and shows you exactly how much they appreciate you.

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MGP caliper covers or caliper paint

MGP Caliper Covers or Caliper Paint?

MGP Caliper Covers or caliper paint? It is a question that to most is easily answered, but for some reason it continues to come up all the time

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hot import nights san diego 2017

Hot Import Nights San Diego 2017 Review

This year Hot Import Nights turned out to be an awesome event with a lot of incredible vehicles fully decked out from bumper to bumper.

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top automotive trends in 2017 feature larger crossover suv's, larger tires and wheels and more efficient

Top 5 BIG Automotive Trends in 2017

Automotive trends in 2017 will play a major role in the direction of the industry moving forward well past this year with an array of engine efficiency and technological advances that will transform the future. 

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2017 Auto Technology

Top Auto Technology Features 2017

Now that we are freshly into the New Year it only made sense for us to get the word out regarding the top auto technology features for 2017. 

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